Do You Know About High End Funnel Workflow Formula?

You should know this 1000 times tested High End Funnel Formula

It is the Workflow process that is 1000 times tested and also used by some top marketers who made millions with that.

Workflow Process Formula

➡️Get Attention With Your Headline

Grab the Attention with your Headline, It is a very important Hook for every funnel

➡️Identify The Problem

Identify your audience problem issue and it is important to know more about their audience more than them

➡️Provide The Solution

After knowing the problem of your audience, In this phase, you have to provide the solution for their problem

➡️Presents Your Credentials

Show you credentials that prove their identity or qualifications

➡️Show the Benefits

In this phase, you have to show all the benefits they will get after joining your consultation or program.

➡️Give Social Proofs

Social Proofs are most important to make authority and show belief to your audience people are getting results from you. It is also knowns as Social Currency

➡️Explain/Details About Your Offer

In this phase, you have to Explain your Super Irresistible Offer with Included tons of bonuses and value

➡️Inject Scarcity/Urgency

In this phase, you should create the Urgency and Scarcity that encourage your people to take instant actions and buy what you offer to them

➡️Give a Guarantee

Add the Guarantee according to product, service, offer, and consultation what the guarantee you can provide!

➡️Call to Action

Create CTA (Call to Action Button) on Behalf they can take the action and get proceed for further process for completing the order and pay the money)

➡️Give A Warning

At the end of the process, you should warn them if they lose then didn't get another chance on that (One More Urgency)

➡️Close with Reminder

Most important phase at the end you should remind them what they will get if they join or what they lose if they didn't take action

➡️Review Your Process

Review all the things that you have managed with your funnel and check out what you can add and make it more informational

➡️Use Attractive Graphics

Use some solid attractive graphics and also the mockups and describe your product and process,
Some people ignore to represent the value through graphics

➡️Test The Process

Start the testing with different traffic temperatures and with more audience and you will get to know what is working and what should change

➡️A/B Testing

Do A/B Testing with your Hook, Story, and Offer.
You can also change some color variations of buttons and backgrounds. Make change one thing at a time.

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I Design Converting Funnel that will Leverage Your Business to 10X🚀 "Funnel Hacker"

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Suraj Nagarwal

I Design Converting Funnel that will Leverage Your Business to 10X🚀 "Funnel Hacker"